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A brief trip brings you to the famous Kawasan Waterfalls, a three tiered cascade of crystal clear mountain springs. Enjoy the picnic to lush scenery, tropical forest, and a cool swim. A very unique experience.
How to get there

Some 98 km (or 2,5 -3 hours drive) south-west of Cebu you'll find Kawasan Falls. From the parking area you'll have to walk more or less 15 to 30 minutes along a very rocky and narrow path, but even though it is a bit humbling bumbling it is worth it, just take it easy and enjoy the walk along the beautiful river. Look at all the different kind of tropical plants -it is not every day you'll have that many beautiful impressions.

You'll have to cross 3 small bridges before reaching the falls, even though you might feel for passing them very fast, try to stop at the middle of number 3 and look upstream, your camera will jump for pleasure if you allow it to take a few shots and you will have a forever lasting picture of what might have been, or- is Paradise.

What is it?

Kawasan Falls are where a river falls steeply down the hills above the town of Matutinao, just south of Badian (Pls. note that Matutinao is part of Badian). It is actually a hierarchy of waterfalls, of which the first is the biggest, however the scenery gets wilder and more impressive the further up you go.

The area is very pretty and offers (cold!) fresh water bathing, a Tarzan swing and the opportunity to climb up beside the waterfall and imitate the high divers of Acapulco! The higher up the river valley, the prettier it gets, with places where you must swim up a gorge and clamber over rocks. Good fun!Remember that this area is popular with locals as well as visitors, so try to avoid the weekends and holidays otherwise you will share the place with screaming children, BBQ stands and radios!


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